Innovations in NIR


Bruins Instruments is a family company with more than 35 years of experience of manufacturers and developers of high - resolution UV - VIS - NIR spectrophotometers and NIR analyzers for the agro -, meat and food industry.


All our products are developed by us, are manufactured in Bavaria, in Puchheim near Munich and are successfully used by our customers around the world. With a convincing price / performance ratio, we are the ideal partner for all companies, from small business to industry, when it comes to analyzing your products.
Our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of NIR analyzers for the food industry combined with extensive experience in calibration development result in measuring instruments with very high accuracy and reliable results.
All our analyzers and their components are, of course, produced in our own production with the precision of modern CNC machines made of metal, still assembled, adjusted and checked in real handwork. We deliberately forgo the use of plastics, which means that our analyzers are extremely robust and resistant, require little maintenance and are hardly susceptible to faults, so that our customers can always rely on absolutely accurate measurement results. The very high precision of our linear monochromator makes it possible to use the same calibrations on all NIR analyzers we produce. Our patented monochromator system delivers years of reliable results. The intuitive software and the large touchscreen allow easy use of the analyzer. The user only has to select the product and fill the device. By means of the network function, it is possible to transfer the results of the measurements to any computer and to wait for the analyzer from any distance and at any time from afar. For customized products, Bruins Instruments offers a free calibration service for one year and up to 3 products when the sample spectra and reference data are provided.