Innovations in NIR

OmegAnalyzer G

The OmegAnalyzer G is designed to measure all kinds of whole grain and oil seeds such as Wheat, Durum, Barley, Corn, Soybeans, Rapeseed,  Brown Rice, Milled Rice, Rough Rice, Oats, Rye, Triticale, Sorghum and others.


Depending on the product all Analyzers of Bruins Instruments are designed to measure Moisture, Protein, Oil, Starch, Fibre, Gluten, Zeleny, Amylose, FFA and others.

Our Application division can develop calibrations for almost any significant component or property of your particular product.

Features and Benefits

Our long experience in building Whole Grain Analyzer combined with great experience in calibration development gives an instrument with high accuracy and trustable results.The high precision of the linear monochromator allows Bruins Instruments to use the same calibration on all our Whole Grain Analyzer. Our patented monochromator system gives reliable measurements over decades.The intuitive software and a large Touchscreen makes the Analyzer easy to use. The operator just has to select the product and fill the grain into the funnel.With the Network option data can be transferred directly to every workstation and it is possible to service the instruments anywhere in the world at any time.For customer specific products Bruins Instruments offers a free of charge calibration service for one year and up to 3 products, if customer supplies spectra and reference data.


Test Weight –   This optional accessory automatically determines the specific weight of the grain. The value is automatically added to the report.

Macro Cell – To measure small amounts of grain in transmission. Available in pathlengths from 3 mm – 30 mm with a volume of 2,5 ml – 25 ml.

Temperature – Measures the temperature of the grain which is incorporated into the report.


Dimensions:                  585 X 420 X 480 mm        (23.0 X 16.5 X 18.9 in)

Weight:                          31 kg     (68 lbs)

Voltage:                         220-240 V or 100-120 V 50/60 Hz

Power:                           65 W

Analysis time:                50 s

Sample size:                  750 ml

Analysis principle:          scanning Monochromator; Transmission

Sample Presentation:     automatic feed with multiple sub-sample measurements

Wavelength range:          730  - 1100 nm

Data increment:              0.5 nm

Interfaces:                     USB, Ethernet, Centronics

Protection:                     dust and humidity protected


Ticket Printer, Barcode reader and a separate keyboard can be delivered together with the Analyzer.