Innovations in NIR

About us


Bruins Instruments was founded in Munich in 1979 by Hans Joachim Bruins. From the very beginning, their Spektrophotometers and analyzers were unmatched in precision, speed and robustness. Nothing has changed to this day. At that time, as in the past, the devices are developed and manufactured, assembled and tested in family business.


Initially large and complex Spektrophotometers for research, universities and institutes, the first analytical system for agriculture and the food industry was developed in 1982. Since that time, Bruins Instruments has continuously expanded and the NIR Analyzer family has steadily improved and expanded. In the meantime, thousands of analyzers from Bruins Instruments can be found around the world.
Numerous international patents in the field of spectrophotometry and sample technology are proof of the innovations that are found in every Bruins Instruments instrument.


Our technology


The heart of all NIR analyzers from Bruins Instruments is the fast-scanning Monochromator. This advanced technique has been further developed and improved over the years to produce one of the most sensitive, stable, reliable and reproducible analyzer in the world. Coming from the field of research and science, (well-known research institutes are equipped with our Spektrophotometers), we have managed the degree between a simple and user-friendly operation, but also the most accurate measurements, as also necessary in the research. Many have tried to duplicate our devices and our technology, but they are far from achieving stability and performance. Our systems are so stable that they often run for 5 years without any adjustment or repair. Even the replacement of a consumed lamp can be done by yourself and requires no adjustment or calibration. You can work with the device immediately after a few minutes.
In addition, our systems are the only ones on the market that allow transfer of calibrations between the various devices without re-calibration being necessary.
Bruins Instruments has also developed some of the most advanced sample techniques available today that enable reliable, reproducible measurement in both transmission and reflection modes. An integrated computer controls each device via an easy-to-use touch screen.


Our promise to you


Bruins Instruments will continue to implement innovative ideas. We are also your contact for individual solutions at any time. You can rest assured that we are always at your side and support you in the market, and we offer you a comprehensive service and support with our dealers.